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Universal Black 2-in-1 Metal Ring Stand & Air Vent Car Mount for Alcatel Pop Icon 2 A846L

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Product Description
  • 2 in 1 Phone Holder, it’s not only a desktop phone ring stand, but also a air vent car phone mount.
  • The ring is adjustable with 180° fold and the car air vent holder is adjustable with 360° rotation. You could adjust your viewing angle freely.
  • Made by high quality zinc alloy, which has a good ductility and abrasion resistance, avoid breaking when falling down.
  • Remove the adhesive tape and stick the phone holder on your phone or phone case, you can use your phone ring stand now.
  • Insert the car mount in the air vent and you could start your GPS right away. No tools needed for operation.

|Sub-Category:Stands?Color:Black?Type:Ring Stand?Features:Adjustable Angle
Brand : MyBat
UPC : 885126595391
Customer Reviews
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Very strong; it doesn't fall off.

Review by: Derek W
Date: 05/01/2021

Does exactly what it's supposed to do and it's adjustable so if I need to upgrade my phone it will still work

Review by: Sultan S
Date: 04/22/2021

Works just fine

Review by: James R
Date: 03/29/2021

Very pleased with this phone mount got my car.

Review by: Dawn H
Date: 03/22/2021

I love this phone mount. A friend recommended it to me. It is very easy to assemble and install in your car. It fits and holds my iPhone 11 pro max perfectly without fail. I would recommend this to everyone!

Review by: Matt T
Date: 03/17/2021

I do delivery driving as a side gig and really needed an affordable phone mount for navigation. This mount is easy to install and can be adjusted if necessary. I really like how it doesn't bounce or shake very much, even on the most bumpy roads.

Review by: Melissa W
Date: 03/12/2021

Works well in our car mounted on the dash. Love how the bendable stem hold shape and is sturdy.

Review by: Andrew M
Date: 03/08/2021

Have tried several other mounts but this one is the best I have had yet. Holds phone very well and the adjustable arm makes all the difference!

Review by: Mikhail D
Date: 03/06/2021

I like this phone mount because my phone is now at eye leveand It was easy to install too.

Review by: Darios M
Date: 03/02/2021

Very sturdy mount and sticks to my dashboard perfectly. Very happy with my purchase

Review by: Jordan E
Date: 02/27/2021

I like this car mount. It can be placed anywhere and holds really well.

Review by: Bill L
Date: 02/18/2021

I love this mount ! I use google maps daily so it was so nice to get something to hold my phone up. Can be mounted in many different ways so I believe any car can accomidate it. I am so happy with this purchase.

Review by: Crystal W
Date: 02/10/2021

Amazing car mount , because I'm a bad driver and it hasn't fallen off not even once.

Review by: Frank C
Date: 02/04/2021

Great mount for phone on car. Have tried many others, but this is my favorite one.

Review by: Ryan J
Date: 01/28/2021

I LOVE this phone mount This phone mount is super sturdy and strong!

Review by: Roger M
Date: 01/28/2021

Used this mount in my truck. The longer flex arm works great! Suction is awesome!

Review by: Matthew R
Date: 01/27/2021

Very easy to install

Review by: Karla N
Date: 01/23/2021

I love it...strong

Review by: Ricardo F
Date: 01/21/2021

This phone mount is the best. I have purchased mounts that cost much more and they were junk. This one is the best.

Review by: Georgios A
Date: 01/18/2021

I have an iPhone 8+, it's not a very big phone but I do have a ring pop socket (which also isn't very big) but the sides don't hold it super well. It's fallen twice when I've taken slow turns but it's not too bad. It's only been a few days, I only go about 20 minutes to get to work and it's done well. The holder itself is pretty sturdy, doesn't lean forward like ones I've had in the past so that's good.

Review by: Kerri W
Date: 01/07/2021

It offered the flexibility I needed to mount phone where I wanted it. Stays in place always.

Review by: Ludwig R
Date: 01/05/2021

I have owned several different car phone mounts and this is by far my favorite. It holds really well and is long enough to reach exactly where I want it.

Review by: Jase W
Date: 01/05/2021

This car mount is the real deal! It did not disappoint me at all.

Review by: Gabe T
Date: 12/28/2020

First off, this mount is NOT popsocket friendly. I have a Galaxy Note9 with an Otterbox case on it. So with the popsocket on it does not fit in the mount holder. But to combat this I turned my phone upside down in the holster and turned the mount holder around. This is to avoid the lower part of my phone that has the pop socket. So the grip is only holding the top half of the phone. Is it 100% secure? No. But it does a great job. The side bars have a soft rubber that grips the case well enough to keep my brick of a phone on it without the bottom bar support. Over all, those side brackets deserve 5 stars alone for their service. Onto mounting. I drive a 2018 Nissan almost basic model. The dash is not 100% smooth. It's just slightly too rough to use the mount on it even on it's most flat angle. It stayed stuck for all of 3 minutes under the pressure of my previously explained brick of a phone. I was worried trying to stick it to the dash would have compromised the integrity of the sticky base but I was wrong. I turned it around and stuck it to my windshield and it has lasted a few drives now over decently bumpy use. My only real issue with the product itself is the range. The range of this thing is odd. It takes a lot of time to fiddle with it to get it to go where you need it. Over all I can overlook that for the price. I think it's a great product. It feels sturdy and I'm enjoying using it.

Review by: Salambek B
Date: 09/25/2020